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I offer customized career transition support to help you discover and land your dream job.


Psychotherapy-based career coaching combines self-discovery with clear steps, timelines, and goalposts. We explore your skills, strengths, and hidden passions to focus in on the type of career--and lifestyle--you want. What path will provide you with a sense of meaning and purpose? How can you adapt your unique abilities and experience to ensure the best outcome? What have you always dreamed of doing? Do you have a "calling?" What are the blocks and blinders that have stood in your way? 


​Having made a satisfying career transition, I bring personal experience to the table. But I have also gathered valuable tools and resources as a career consultant. 


Two-, four- and eight-session packages are available. All you have to do is take the first step, and the rest will unfold.


Imagine the possibilities!

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